DUI’s are Not a Game

DUI Cop Stop™ is a Game, but DUI’s Aren’t

DUI’s are a scourge on society and should be eradicated using all constitutional means available.

Playing DUI Cop Stop™ Discourages Drunk Driving

Although DUI Cop Stop™ is a game (of sorts), nothing about DUI Cop Stop™ should be construed as encouraging drunk driving. In fact, our research indicates that those who play DUI Cop Stop™ are less likely to drink and drive. Isn’t that the goal?

Laying the Predicate

DUI Cop Stop™ presumes the driver (game character) is of legal drinking age. It also presumes the driver is neither drunk nor appreciably impaired; it sets the stage for the investigation by limiting the character’s consumption to only two drinks over a three-hour period.

Can People Talk Their Way Out of a DUI?

The subtitle Can You Talk Your Way Out of a DUI?™ is a tease to encourage people to try the game. It should be noted that, “in real life,” law enforcement officers like when drunks attempt to talk their way out of a DUI.

Grading Performance

Finally, to make DUI Cop Stop™ entertaining so folks will play it, the game adopts an old-fashioned school grading system: A+ being best and F being worst. This is obviously from the prospective of someone happy not to go to jail. A passing grade should not be deemed an award for getting away with drunk driving, because you can’t “get away” with driving drunk if you’re not drunk. The grades are for entertainment purposes only and indicate nothing more than a player’s familiarity with his or her constitutional rights (U. S. Const. amend. IV) .

Can You Talk Your Way Out of a DUI?