Player FAQ’s

Is it easy to share DUI Cop Stop™ with others?

After you try DUI Cop Stop, share it with friends by clicking on either the Twitter or Facebook share icons that appear at the end of the game.  See who’s savvy enough to stay out of jail.

How do I modify my avatar?

Click the 3-dot menu on the top right of the game screen (visible in landscape mode). When you first play DUI Cop Stop, you will choose between a male and female avatar. If you like the look of your avatar as is, keep it; otherwise, select from the various characteristics and create your own look. Your new look will be preserved during the entire session of play. But remember, if you close your browser or delete your cache, you might have to redesign your character.

How do I preserve my avatar?

To preserve your character, login or register by clicking on the above-mentioned 3-dot menu. If you create a player account for your avatar, then your current avatar settings will be saved. Then you can log in to the game on another device and your avatar will be ready for use.

What if the game screen turns black/white?

Stuff happens. Often, the best solution is to clear cookies and cache. First, try closing the browser altogether to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t, go to your settings/options menu of your particular browser, then look under the “privacy” tab or section for an option related to clearing browser data, cookies, or cache.

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