DUI Cop Stop™ needs your zip code to work.

If you are accessing this page using Facebook’s Mobile App, try selecting the triple dot menu on the upper or lower right side of your browser page and select “Open in Safari” (if using an iPhone) or “Open in Chrome” (If using an Android ). The page should open in the new browser, where you may try again by clicking the “Play DUI COP STOP” button.

Otherwise, use the following instructions to reset the following browsers. If you have a different browser and can’t figure things out, please contact us and we will try to help.

  1. Chrome for PC
  2. Chrome for Android
  3. Mozilla Firefox for PC
  4. Mozilla Firefox for Android

Below is a shortcut for Chrome for PC. For more help, see links just above.

  1. When trying to enter DUI Cop Stop™, you will see the following or similar popup window.  After reading it, click “GOT IT”.
  2. On the right of the URL address, you will see a location icon, which may indicate the website is blocked. 
  3. If the location icon shows the site is blocked, click on it, and another popup will appear with a link that says, “Clear these settings for future visits.” Click on it.
  4. Now click the “Refresh page” button. 
  5. You should now now see the original popup window we started with. Click “Continue” to agree.
  6. Now, when asked to allow permission to detect location, click “Allow.”

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