The DUI Game

DUI Cop Stop - the DUI GameCan You Talk Your Way Out of a DUI?

Some say it’s not possible to talk your way out of a DUI; others claim it is; and of course you have those who claim they’ve done it! This DUI game gives you a chance to try. If you think you can talk your way out of a DUI, try it now!

A Perfect Evening

Everyone had a wonderful time hanging out, but it was time to go. Shortly after pulling away from the nightclub (restaurant, bar, pool hall, etc.), you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. You feel sick all of a sudden and think to yourself, “I only had a couple drinks over the last three hours. I feel fine. I didn’t do anything. Why am I being pulled over?”

The Stop

You pull to the side of the road and wait. You roll down your window only to be assailed by the peal of the police radio as it cuts like a machete through the din of passing traffic. Your evening is now officially ruined as you anxiously await what is to befall you. You feel angry and afraid at the same time. What is taking so long?

The Approach

Finally, you hear the door of the vehicle behind you open, then close, then the sound of footsteps approaching. A flashlight shines into your vehicle causing you feel as if you are some sort of hoodlum, then a voice, “License, registration, and proof of insurance please.”

The Choices

What happens in the next few minutes may change your life. If you have never experienced this, you’ll never know what comes next. Will you be going home this evening or will you be placed in the back of the police cruiser and taken to jail?

The Challenge: The DUI Game

Play DUI Cop Stop™, the DUI game, and see what happens. The results are unpredictable, because, well, life is unpredictable. What would you say? What would you do? Most importantly, what are the consequences?

It “was” a perfect evening.

TIP: For the most realistic results, do what you would in real-life.

Can You Talk Your Way Out of a DUI?