Player Terms & Conditions

Player Terms & Conditions

When you play DUI Cop Stop™, you agree that DUI Cop Stop™ is merely a game for fun. It is only an example of what could conceivably occur if you were ever pulled over and investigated for possible DUI. Your results in this game are not a model upon which you should rely if you ever get pulled over in real life.

In real life, there are many possible outcomes; it’s impossible to predict how any situation might conclude. Each state has its own laws that affect how law enforcement officers conduct themselves, and each cop is a mere human being with his or her own peculiarities and methods. Some cops are more “by-the-book” than others, and some have thicker skin than others.

That said, there are still general principles that should apply in every situation. See if you can discover what some of those gems are by playing out various scenarios. It’s a game for goodness sake; you might as well try things you never would in real life.

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